I need help with my crush 😂

Hi, everybody! I know I don’t normally post stuff like this, but I have a couple of questions about what to do about my crush so I need advice. I’m willing to hear anything!

Ok so here’s the story:
I met this guy when I was 11 because he’s in the same class as me at school. Btw, he’s the same age as me. We had pretty much all lessons together in the first 2 years of school, but I didn’t like LIKE him then. I’m sort of nervous around guys and I never really know how to act as all my friends are girls. So about 1 1/2 ago, he started dating someone in the year ( not like serious, because we were all 12 :joy:) I found out through looking at his tellonym that he never even kissed her. In September 2019, we got given new classes. I was still in a class with him so now I was in his class for everything except English. I started to like him, but I’m quite quiet so I don’t know if he likes me still. Because I would say I’m a typical girl, I do remember most encounters that have a meaning to me with him. 1: we were doing a science practical and he and his friend were joking around. Us 3 were doing the practical and his friend said “do you know who _ likes?” And _ cut him off and was like “nooo, no”. We were all laughing and stuff but it made me feel like he liked me too. I also sat next to him in several other lessons. 2: I was talking to one of my friends and her friend(male) in PE and he said” in a club after-school, ___ said “rowenj is damn fit”.” [spoiler]my first name and surname, it isn’t actually rowen james[/spoiler]
I responded “aren’t him and (previous girlfriend( the one from when we were 12)) still together?” But my friend told me they had broken up a while ago which is how I found out about that. This was about a year ago and I still remember that exact moment. Then a couple of months after that, lockdown went on so I didn’t get to see him at all (apart from one time we had to go into school for about an hour) until September. Now I’m only in lessons with him in Maths and one of my other subjects. We’re both pretty smart so we contribute quite a lot to the lessons. I don’t see him in lessons but I see him around school quite often. I sometimes see him looking at me. He’s not popular or hot( he’s not bad looking😂) , I don’t really get attracted to people for their looks but his personality is good, he’s funny and smart.

All I really want to know is, what should I do? Because I don’t know if I want a boyfriend( I haven’t even had my first kiss) but I still like him. And all my friends I sit with at school are some part of the LGBT community and I’m the only straight one, (so far, I have no idea who I’m interested in). None of them know who it is and I haven’t told anybody so sorry for this being such a long post, you guys are the first people I’ve told. Another major issue: one of my friends is his ex ( the one from 2 years ago). We became friends in the past year. She has a different boyfriend now so I’m not worried about that but I don’t know if I ever ended up dating him that it would go badly with her. I don’t even follow him on Instagram in case anybody would see as I don’t want anybody who knows me to know.

Please give me any advice you have!

Extra: I’m 14 (birthdays in August) and I think he is going to be 15 in the next month so there’s barely an age gap.

Thank you so much if you have any advice! :blue_heart:


hi first of all your still young so don’t worry about not having your first kiss yet. secondly i feel like this dude might like you i mean when you said that his friend said “do u know who _ likes” and he said nooo don’t say or whatever is such a big hint that he likes you.

my advice is to get his number or snap or whatever and if you don’t feel comfortable texting him for no reason just lie and ask if he has the homework for whatever lesson u two are in together. then you can eventually keep talking and you’ll get closer and so on.

or just straight up tell him how you feel, you only live once and imagine if you don’t tell him and you meet again in like 10 years and you tell him u used to have a crush on him and he said he did too likeeee you just never know what’s going to happen.

yeh just go get him girl


You should tell him how you feel. you will probably regret not taking the chance- I know I do.
From what you’ve said, it sure sounds like he likes you back, so go for it- what’s the worst that could happen? Sure, if he says no, he doesn’t feel the same way, you always have all us on the forums to rant to, we got you. If he doesn’t like you back, that’s okay. You deserve someone who likes you for you.
Or maybe just hint at it. See how he reacts to that- I don’t know why anyone would take relationship advise from me though :v:
The other thing you could do is just wait and see what happens :eyes:

Yes :clap:

I don’t know if that was helpful at all- just ignore me :woozy_face:


^^ thissss. i always tell myself this.

even if he says he doesn’t like you it won’t matter in 5 years hell you’ll probably forget about him in 5 months. but if you want something just go and bloody get it babe


Yes :clap: Yes :clap: Yes :clap:


yessss only bad b vibes here :nail_care:


Of courSE- :sunglasses:


It depends on your personality, I think you should tell him, but in a creative way…Like a gif, or a meme, or a pickup line :joy:
tbh it depends on how strong your friendship is, if you tell him you like him, and he doesn’t feel the same, and that’ll ruin your whole friendship, maybe don’t do it. But if you’ll be able to just laugh it off, I say go for it


Still need advice?

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Don’t rush into things first of all, and don’t try to look for things, but I’m not saying he doesn’t like you, he might, but also don’t be clingy that can get annoying. Tbh, I’m having guy troubles and the guy I like, I’m pretty sure doesn’t like me. Anyway, you should tell him you like him, I know that sounds scary, but it’s the only way you’ll know if he likes you or not.


Hi, thank you for all your advice! I’ve decided not to tell him yet, I think it would save me from potential humiliation! I have noticed in the past few days that he seems to be looking at me quite a bit. I am probably over-thinking! Love you! :blue_heart:


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