I need help with my dressing game!

Every time I put }’‘Glitter Bridesmaid Dress’’{ it says There is a { on line 197 that does not have a matching } but when I do ‘‘Glitter Bridesmaid Dress’’{ it says Expected Character or scene change found, and I don’t know what to do I’ve been working on this first 5 hours straight and tried nearly everything and searched everything please help me :frowning: I’m new at this.

Did you check to make sure you put the word choice above it?
Sometimes it will say “unexpected character change” if you forget. It happens to me too.

I did put the word choice but it still says the same thing :frowning:

Okay. Would you be able to send a picture of your coding so I could see if I can find a mistake?

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It’s because you’re missing another bracket below the “nope” choice for the glitter bridesmaid dress. The code doesn’t know what to do with that other bracket and think it’s an extra one,

So what do I put there? ;-;

Nvm I got it

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glad to hear! :grin:

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