I need help with my outfit choices coding

Can anyone help, I’ll be sure to credit you. I just need some help; I’ve always struggled with this.

I can try to help you? Where exactly do you need help?

I can’t figure out how to code the episode dressing game.

how many different outfits do you want to choose from? and do you want the choice to be remembered in the next episode?

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Three, and It does need to be remembered.

Here are some great templates available from Episode Life!



Aright, well @Lurhu gave you links to templates so just try them and if youyou have any questions, just tell me :slight_smile:



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@RainbowCat do you know the coding for the body zoom from the legs to the face?

Just use the zoom helper on the previewer, first zoom on the legs, then zoom on the head and make the time (which is “in 0” at the end of the code) to 3 or 4

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Here’s a tutorial for that by @Apes if you need it :slight_smile: HOW TO: Zoom from the Feet to the Head (Full Body)

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here’s the dressing game with gains to remember outfits:

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