I need help with my overlays :(

Hi! I need some help with placing my overlays. I know how to place my overlays in a still position but what I want to do with my overlays is to advance for my knowing. I want to make my overlays drop down from top of the screen and one just randomly appear. Any ideas that might help me?
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So you have to scale and shift them to the top and then shift them down to the spot and use opacity.

You can use functions like easput, easin, easineasout they are all in the guides.

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Having the overlay drop down:

First place the overlay (move it to the top and place it offscreen at the top):

&overlay NAME create
&overlay NAME scales to % %
&overlay NAME shifts to X Y in zone #
&overlay NAME moves to layer #
&overlay NAME opacity # in S

*replace the % , X, Y, #, # , #, S with numbers
What they stand for.
NAME = name of overlay
% = size of overlay
X = overlay moving from left to right or right to left (horizontal axis, higher numbers right, lower numbers left)
Y = overlay moving up or down (vertical axis, higher numbers up, lower numbers down)
#= a number
S = the time, in seconds, can be 0, not negative

And then having the overlay come down:

@overlay NAME shifts to X Y2 in S

Place the overlay on the screen and the 2nd number you get for the shift, place it in Y2 since as mentioned previously the Y is up, down

You can even add an effect, like a bouncing one for having the overlay come in.

Check out: HOW TO: Use Easing Functions :disco:

To have the overlay appear in the scene, you’d need to use the opacity command. So when you create the overlay and add the opacity,

command for opacity: @overlay NAME opacity # in S
You can have the overlay appear right away by making S = 0 or make it slowly come into the scene by using a higher number.
The # in opacity is how visible it is. 0 means you can’t see it, 0.5, it’s see through, 1, you can see it fully.
Opacity can be written like this (0-1) or in percent (0%-100%)

You can read more on overlays here:

Hope I didn’t make it too confusing :sweat: :blob_hearts:

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