I need help with my script about witches flying on a broomstick

I want my character flying on the broomstick and staying on it to make it look like the character is stuck on the overlay. Looking like it’s riding on the broomstick and flying around I got the coding for the broomstick to shift to different places already but just need help with the character staying on the broomstick.

Does the character talk or do any animations while riding on the broomstick?
If not, I suggest making an overlay of the broomstick+character already on it
that way you could just move the overlay around

Though I am not the best at coding, so do wait for other answers please! :sweat_smile:

Yeah the character talks to her friend on the other broomstick while riding it.

You can use the riding horse animation

move/spot the broomstick overlay with the character

How do I do that?

You can move your character to the same spot as the broom and maybe have them doing a horse animation, make sure you write the & so it can move at the same time as the overlay and in the same seconds

Can you help me code it into my script?

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Sure, you can pm me :slightly_smiling_face:

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