I need help with my script ( coding )

so when i do the code on my pc everything’s works fine. and i check on my phone how it looks like abs for exmaple the overlays kind of glitch at every beginning of the scene. so like it loads in after a split second and makes it look quite choppy, and one of my animations won’t load up hes just idle when the animation is meant to happen . but on my pc it looks normal . any help?

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can I see your code?

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its probsbly you use @ intead of & on the stsrt of the scene where you create overlays

if he doesnt dp nimation you might have accidentaly made him do 2 animations in the same time - like walking and some other animation

what if i need him to like walk towards the door and do an action that makes it look like hes opening the door?

sure :slight_smile:

the overlay black is the one thats off on my phone , but on pc is all good

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thats because it has not been approved by the episode team yet

oh? I didnt know that, thank you :))

do you have any other “errors” besides the one that is visible to me rn?

the only one i have is a warning which idk why since i only created 1 overlay names light

did you try using @ instead of &? Also when you put ur background, next to it did you put “with OVERLAY”?

you need first walk him and than do the unlocking/opening animation

Yes i did the @ before but it didnt work and i dont know what u mean about the “with OVERLAY”

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in the begining of the scene

hmm this is my script do u know what to fix?

Your coding with the characters look fine, its the overlays that dont seem to be working.

oh okay thank u ! :))

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When you spot direct your overlays you have to copy and paste all of the lines from below the preview, did you do that?

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It looks like you have created “&overlay LIGHT create” more than once in the same scene. Remove the rest of it for that particular scene because you only need to command it once.

okay thank you :)))

i think so , if not ill do that now! :smiley: