I Need Help with my script (PLEASE)

So i started a story a few days ago and i jump right in… i figured out a few thing from you tube and forum guides. I am having so much fun with this.
but i feel like my screen play isn’t at its best.

i really need help more so with transition and mouth movements.
for example: i would plug in an animation on a character in my story and once it is completed; it does not look like a conversation.
i noticed this all in my script so i started to zoom from one character to next to cover my errors
CHOICES have been the devil… i figure out how to place them but i took them out (for now) because i couldn’t get one of the choice bracket to continue for some odd reason.
yes… i am still lost when it comes to continue the story based on CHOICES a reader can pick in the game.
Coding is no joke but it is rewarding when you get no errors.
:persevere: it really sucks when you do.
if anyone wouldn’t mind talking a look at what i did and help me fix it ?
i would be forever grateful. I’m a college student so i am on break.
my goal is to at least finish 3 ep 's to upload.

lol sorry for the long post wanted to lay everything out front :wink:

Thank you
~MAGICAL :tiger2:


What do you need help with? is it the choices or the zooming?

hi, it is with both

Ok give me a second and I’ll be right there.

So depending on what the choice is I’ll show you both:
Outfit Choices are like this:

label choosing_outfit

    GEORGIA (think_rubchin)
(What Should I wear to work?)

choice “Work 1” {

@GEORGIA changes into Georgia_Work3

} “Work 2” {

@GEORGIA changes into Georgia_Work4

@pause for a beat

(Do I want to wear this one or choose something else?)

choice “Wear This?” {

I love it!

} “Change?” {

goto choosing_outfit

That was an example out of one of my stories :blush:

This has to be right otherwise it will come up with a error as you will know and also if you don’t add the goto choosing_outfit and the label choosing_outfit it will be a normal choice if you get what I mean.

Normal choices:
Depending on how many choices you want depends on how many blocks you have. For example:

choice “option1” {

} "option2" {


This is what it looks like with just two be you keep adding on the {“opinion3”{

I know that it may look like alot (which it is :joy:) but if tou are confused with anything let me know as I need to try and see what your issue is with the zooming :grinning:

Regarding the animations - when your character has finished a talking animation, Male them do another while the next character is talking for example-

JOHN (talk_neutral)
Hi Sally, how are you?
&JOHN is shiftweight
SALLY (talk_arms_crossed)
I’m okay, thanks and you?
&SALLY is arms_crossed
JOHN (talk_shrug)
Could be better, I suppose.
&JOHN is idle

Zooms can be effective also, cutting to one character to another. Good luck with your story! And remember we all started at the beginning, it’s all about trial and error :slight_smile:

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