I need help with my script


So I’m trying to get @josey to sit up or stand Which ever, but she just ends up in the position still lying down. Can someone help?


You need to have her do a standing animation, like “idle”, since you have her doing a laying animation. (A character will stay in the pose of the last animation they were doing until you have them do a different animation)

@CHARACTER stands just positions a character on the screen, it doesn’t actually make them “stand”


You put her in the position idle_lay_exhausted, which is a position that will cause her to lay down. Instead, put her in a position such as idle, during which she’ll stand as Dara just said.


thanks girls!


No problem ahhaha


I saw you were typing as I was typing my reply so I waited for you to finish to see if I was correct or if there was another error lolll


lol no thank god not another error!


ikr, that makes all the difference :slight_smile: with more and more experience you’ll get better


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: