I need help with my storie

Hi, is there someone who will help me with my story?
I’m totally blocked and don’t know where to begin :pensive:

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Like directing help? Or help with creating a story?

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Kind of both… :see_no_evil:

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to code I suggest you to watch the tutorials by Joseph Evans on YouTube. And writing « episode how to […] » on google will help you too for example if you need the guide to use overlays or whatsoever.
For the story part, I suggest you to brainstorm it and write all your ideas on a piece of paper. See where you can lead them and how you picture the idea on episode. Try to plan it as much as you can so you see if it’s really possible. Then if the plot really pleases you and if you had the opportunity to tell it to a few peoples you can just start.


you can see videos on youtube
check the channel : episode notes
it really helps.:kissing_heart::grinning:

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There’s a thread called ““List” of helpful threads” that has a list of threads on character/plot devolpment and directing help.

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How do I find it

By searching the thread name

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