I need help with my story actions

I have started a story but I can get my character to do my action! Pls help!

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You first need to spot your characters

Example: @charactername stands screen center AND is (animation)

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Lmk if you still need help

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It keeps saying that it’s not a valid command?

You need to get the basics first!
I really recommend watching Joseph Evans youtube tutorials to start out on episode! :blush: he is a life savior!


That’s my bad you need to put the zone number

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@CHARACTERNAME stands screen center AND CHARACTERNAME is animation

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Omg thank you I was like huhhh??? I’m doing it right in my script :joy: I need to sleep :sleeping: before I loose more brain cells!

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Sorry for the confusion! But I agree with what she said learn the basics and Joseph is the place to go


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