I need help with my story cover. Can someone please help me?


I’m writing a story and it’s limelight. The story is called “Tiny Little Secret” and it’s about a seventeen year old girl who’s named Raven who’s sad because in New York vampires are not allowed to be there and she’s a vampire and she really wants to be a normal teenage but she can’t because of the new laws that are happening.

The girl in the picture is Raven.


Sure! Check out Episode.Artistry


Here Episode Artistry Official Art Shop! :blush:


if you want art from me, feel free to message me!
samples: https://www.instagram.com/bellaawrites/
preferred if you message me on instagram, but you can also message me on here.
sorry if i take long to reply.


Can’t do character stuff to save my life but here’s a quick cover


I love the cover but you forgot to put the author name on it…