I need help with my story cover

Hi all,
I’m currently working on my new story.
And for that I really want a cool story cover.
If anyone’s interested in art and helping me out please contact me on IG: celstories
Would be very much appreciated. x


We can!

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we can help!
Check out our thread!

I can if you don’t have anyone yet!


Thanks for offering your help! Could you please message me private on here or on IG?

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Perfect! Is it possible that you send me a private message?

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Yes that would work for me :sweat_smile: and thank you for choosing me

If you still need it I could always help…

Perfect! Can you please text me private?

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XD one of my future stories was gonna be called Secrets and Lies heres the cover I made

I think there are other people wayyy better than me, but heres mine

Hey! I finished the first character and I’m moving on with the first boy.:heart: