I need help with my story description (please)

So I need a good story description, any help would be appreciated <3
The title of my story is ‘A Forgotten love’
Basically, my story is about a girl named Analia , she is a really decent girl who lives with her parents and her brother, her parents are really strict and they don’t treat her nicely but her brother is a supportive brother, Analia don’t have any bestfriends, her brother’s girl friend is the only friend she have!
But one day she made a cyber guy best friend, and caught feelings for him, but since her parents are also greedy, they set her wedding with someone else without asking her, just for a business deal, On her wedding day, her brother helped her escaping and she ran away but due to some circumstances ,An incident happened and she lost her memory, when she woke up she don’t remember anything, and it turns out that she woke up at a small town near her hometown where her cyber guy friend lives. And her cyber guy friend saves her life and let her live with him, but they are completely strangers to each other, they have never seen each other’s face but when Analia started showing some habits, the boy get shocked and started realizing all the things and he feel like the ‘memory lost’ girl is her cyber best friend.

sorry if I made some mistakes, I wrote this all in a rush, I hope you guys understand the summary!
Thank you <3
I would be very thankful to you, If you can help me :blush:

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How’s this? :blob_hearts:


An arranged marriage spins Analia’s life upside down, waking up with amnesia a day later is hardly better. Will the cyberfriend she fell for, recognize the girl she no longer remembers?


Oh My God, you’re a life saver, this is literally perfect! Thank you so so so much! It helped! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart:

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no worries :slight_smile:

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