I need help with my story! please

So my idea for a story is that MC is a poor girl and grows up in a very harsh and sketchy neighborhood. She ends up meeting her new best friend, Liam (love interest). MC and Liam are inseparable and grow up together. They distract each other from the environment the live in. Being so close causes them to develop feelings for one another. As adults MC is carrying multiple jobs to support her family and Liam got a job in New York. Liam asks MC to go with him and she agrees. Eventually MC finds out she is of royal blood and the only way to save her family is to marry a prince. This leaves Liam to go to NY by himself. MC eventually rushes to the airport to stop him. What can I do to spice up the story and not make it as cliche?


Actually, I’ve never read a story like that. Sounds interesting. :thinking:

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