I need help with my story plot!

Help!! I’m in the process of writing the plot for my story and I cant for the life of me get any ideas:

What are some reading that 2 best friends would stop talking for a while? And by a while I mean like 3-4 years. My story is friends to lovers but I know I want to have like a long period where they aren’t speaking, but they were like spending every day together beforehand, so I just don’t have any ideas why it was stop, but I need to have a chapter or 2 with a dramatic time skip and like little flashbacks.

Other info on my story
•MC is adopted and has a little sister - lives with his (adoptive) mother. LI lives with his biological parents and has an older sister who is moved out.
•MC and LI and both 18 and childhood best friends

If you need anymore info, feel free to ask <3 TIA!

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  • Person A got into the popular kid’s clique and abandoned Person B and made fun of them. It turns out the popular kids were just having a bet and were not serious. A wanted to get back with B but felt too ashamed.

  • A got into a relationship with someone who told them that B was talking behind their back and how B is not trustworthy etc. A believed that bc there was evidence and called off the friendship. Turns out their partner just wanted to get rid of B because they were too close and they wanted A for themselves. The “evidence” was completely taken out of context.

  • A & B had a summer job together (maybe a farm or something). Their boss accused B of stealing which they didn’t do, it was the boss’ 10 yo son who wanted to prank them. B got fired and got in a fight with A for not having their back. A couldn’t risk losing this job because they were helping their family pay some medical bills, which B didn’t know.

  • A was having big family problems and really needed B’s help. They left many voicemail messages but never got any answer. Turns out it was B’s partner of that time that was jealous about A and deleted all messages. A felt betrayed and left behind.

Do you like any of these? :slight_smile:


omg you are AMAZING!!! you are the biggest help on the planet! i will definitely be using one of these and will definitely give you credit! would you like me to credit you using your episode handle or something else? thank you again!!

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Of course, I’m happy to help :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
You can use my Insta: @martini.episode

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