I need help with my story! (Unpublished)


I really need help with my story! Here are details about it:

Title: Rebounding: Perfect Mistakes (unpublished)

Author: Tayle S.

Description: not found yet

Cover 1:

Cover 2:

I don’t really know how to start my plot and stuff like that and I really need help making a description too.

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I need a description for my story!
I need ideas for my story!

ya kno.
it’s easier finding a plot u would wanna write a story about first and make a proper description with it, then choose a title and make covers afterwards.
lol. just an easier suggestion.


Oh heyy ~ thanks!!


hey lol




if you still need help, it’s best to make the plot a goal set by the MC. that way you can make an interesting storyline about what keeps them from achieving their goal. if you would want to make an interesting plot, you could always give the 2 MC a goal that constantly keeps the other from achieving it. (conflicts)

Make sure you have some antagonists in your story (things and people who prevent the goal from happening)

As for the description, since you only have 200 letters, make it sort and clear. no details.
use 1 sentence to describe the main line of the story


I need ideas for my story.

Title: Love Interest

Author: Tayle S. (F4f) if you’d like to know.

Genre: Romance

A girl named Ally bites off more than she can chew with falling for two guys, but maybe she should be more worried about her best friend Jane…



Ideas for what in your story? The episodes?


And what do we already know about Jane


From your description it implies that Jane may be trying to hold the MC back from these interests…

Perhaps Jane in fact resents MC and is jealous of her “getting it all” so plans on sabotaging MC’s chances of getting with these guys but she does it in a very lowkey way.


What ideas are you looking for? The plot, directing, character development, etc?



@lexy19 Well jane isn’t actually her best friend. She is just pretending to get with the boys.

@Days Omg great idea! I mean if it is one…

@fashionforluve Plot, directing.


Haha I don’t know if it is an idea lol but take it if you like


What’s the main conflict o the story?


I don’t know yet.


Perhaps it is centered around the best friend having jealousy over the MC. Maybe even in one of the episodes you could write from the best friend’s perspective so readers understand the reasoning behind her jealousy?


Omg your so helpful! Are you an AUTHOR or something??


I am :sunglasses::sunglasses::joy:




What is your episode?