I need help with my story !?!

Hello everyone , so I’m writing this story on episode and I’m having a hard time with character placements. I have this scene where I need character 1 on the left side and two other characters on the right side next to each other and the problem is that they are appearing onto each other so does anyone know how to do this right ? Please if you do help

are you using spot directing or just pre-programmed character placements? If so, here they are.

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can you screen shot your script so we can see what you are doing

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Moved to Directing Helps and Tips since this is going to involve scripting. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about where to correctly create topics. :wink:

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Thanks , ill make sure to check it out !

As a sneak peek to the story or as help ?

I have just started out , so i don’t know most of the things you mentioned. If I understood your question right , I would say that I’m writing a story on the episode website on a Computer.
Thanks for your help <3

NO to see the problem.

What you are writing as in positioning them, So we can get a better Idea as what you mean

Everyone has a different style of writing

So as for me if I am in a new scene and want the characters to appear already on screen i always do this
@transition fade out black in 3
&CHARACTER 1 stands screen left
&CHARACTER 1 spot 1.30 54 -38
&CHARACTER 2 stands screen right
&CHARACTER 2 spot 1.45 55 22
&CHARACTER 3 stands screen right
&CHARACTER 3 spot 2.00 60 45

that is what i do and it works for me

Omg! Thats super hard for me to understand …
I use dont know many stuff on how to make a story
Where do you learn these information ?

Episodes are starting to appear and I don’t know how to delete them !! I can’t go back to edit my first one because it’s saying that i haven’t started anything yet :frowning:

I have learned from watching youtube. Different videos on how to start a story. And I have learned by playing around it to understrand it. With you are not Able to go and edit are you saving your work?
There are script on episode to help but i am more a visual than reading. That’s why i use you tube to learn. Are you clicking update because if you do it will appear on the app rather your finish or not

JOSEPH EVANS has good detailed videos

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Agreed. EpisodeEllyYT on youtube also has pretty helpful vids on coding and scripting. I also learned through reading the google docs guides that episode put out in the writers portal between the art catalog and FAQ bar, if you prefer reading to understand you can try those.

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