I need help with naming my story!

This is the description;

The love of Lola’s life was taken out by a well-known street gang. A need-to-know web of mystery leaves Lola’s life caught in the crossfire until she encounters the gang leader, Darius Garcia. He has a conditional way of unlocking the craved secrets behind the murder; joining the gang and dating his son… how far are you willing to go for answers? LIMITED CC, INK.

This will be shortened when the story is published.

Web of Lies?

Tangled Mysteries?

Idk :joy:

Good suggestions! I’m completely stuck myself tbh, I kinda want something with a ring to it! :smile:

Hahaha, sorry for the bad titles. ::joy: I usually come up with my titles for a story first, before deciding on what ideas would fit that title. I tried, at least :wink:

Don’t worry about it haha, they really weren’t bad at all. I just absolutely cannot think of one that suits my plot :thinking:

What do you think about Crossfire? :thinking:

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Deadly Crossfire?

Ooh I like that one! Just out of interest, what do you think about the description? Does it sound like a good story?

severe crossfire?