I need help with outline apps

What is a good app to use for outlines cause I wanna try to do it better I have IbisPaint X but I need to make it cleaner my first one looks like this

Gimme a app please

Procreate but it does cost money. Ibis Paint x is used alot by artists on here. You just have to figure out how to use it for what you want to do.

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Ibis works fine you may just not know how it works

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I use ibis paint I make the canvas big so it doesn’t have pixels 3000x3000 I turn on the stabilizer for cleaner line and I use dip pen hard!

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Thanks so much

Maybe but I just tried again and I’ll finish later and see

No problem if you need me to help you with the outline pm me!

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Me too.

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You need help?!

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No, I mean the brushes and settings I use to when I had ibis I use procreate now

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Ibis paint is actually the best free digital art app, it’s going to take time to know how everything works :grin: If you want I can make a summary of what to use




  1. Use force fade to do like hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc…
  2. Use layers
  3. Clipping it’s a perfect way to shade something without getting out of the contour
  4. Use airbrush (normal) or oriental shank shui to shade
  5. Use low opacity to shade

Those are step that help me the most

Others can be:

  • Rarely use black (for realism) use the same color but darker
  • Don’t always use the same brush or color ( try to shade in more than one color and brush while doing the hair, skin, etc…)
  • Don’t use a white background (try to use gray, dark yellow, etc…)

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