I Need Help With Overlapping Background Characters!

Hey! So, I need help with directing of just random classmates walking around the “INT. BLUE SCHOOL HALLWAY - DAY.” As in, what would be some helpful, useful tips on having characters walking around the hallways on their phones or just talking to one another, while the screen moves and/or is still. I’m really new to creating stories so thank you for taking time to read this and help me. Bless :)).

Hey Delaney! Try moving your characters to different layers. For example

@character1 moves to layer 2
@character2 moves to layer 3…

Also check out this link from Apes.

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Hi! Since you’re new to this, I would recommend finding spot templates on episode groups pages on Instagram! There are lots of groups that provide these for people just starting out such as yourself. Remember to give credit! If you don’t have Instagram I would be happy to send one and who it was provided by so you can give credit! And if you would rather do this on your own, I can help look over your script if you’d like!

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Hey Lauren! Thank you so much, I’d love if you sent me some templetes and I’ll also contact you if I need someone to look over my script, (Which I assume I would need someone to.) Thank you so much!

Give me a few minutes then and I’ll be back!

Hey! Thank you soo much! This is very helpful for someone who is a visual learner! I will definitely use this! Once again, thank you!

Take your time :slight_smile:

No Prob!

Hey! it is a little off topic but I was wondering if you could help me with something.


I want 3 characters to enter a scene at the same time using the walk_neutral_loop _rear command.

When I use the & symbol the characters glide. And when I use the @ symbol the characters enter 1 at a time. I cannot figure this out.

@CHAR1 enters from right to screen right AND CHAR2 enters from right to screen center AND CHAR3 enters from right to screen center AND CHAR (1,2 &3, all separate commands) faces right AND CHAR (1,2 & 3, all separate commands) does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear

The one’s in parenthesis is basically because I’m too lazy to type it all out but you type the three char’s doing that individually. This all goes on one line! It’s a lot, I know! If you have specific spots, put those in! Also don’t forget that the rear commands are backwards! So if you want your character to be facing rear and facing right, make sure to use the command @CHAR1 faces left and vice versa for facing left, tell them to face right! If this doesn’t make sense I can help clear anything up that you’re confused about, just ask any questions that you have! Hope this helps and again, ask questions if you need too!

typo! I meant “AND CHAR3 enters from right to screen left” (this is just an example to get them to all enter from the same place and be on all 3 areas of the screen! Basically ignore the screen left/right/center if you have specific spots already designated!

I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

It worked thanks a ton!

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No problem, you’re welcome!

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