I need help with overlays!

Hi there! I’m trying to make an overlay where clothes are laying down, for example on a bed. I’m trying to find programs that can maybe help, but It doesn’t work. Can anyone maybe turn some pieces into a laying form? I’ll ofc credit you and give you a character in my story if you want <3

I can try. @epysky

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That’d be amazing, Cindy! Should I PM you the clothing pngs or tell you the names of them?

Tell me the names of them. @epysky

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okay so I actually want some of the clothes being in a bundle together, (does that make sense?) so i need 3 overlays of the clothing bundles :heavy_heart_exclamation:

bundle 1

Fashionista Jacket
Black Suspender Pants
White Layered Crop Top

bundle 2

Black Shorts Onesie Bottom
Lace Bustier Top
Small Fishnets
Boyfriends Letterman Jacket

bundle 3

Violet Panel Cropped Hoodie
Chocolate Espadrilles Wedges
Blue High Waisted Pants

Sorry if its alot! :heart:

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