I need help with panning

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some people make their camera pan (from down to up) on a character.
It’s like… to show the character’s outfit or something. How do I do that exactly… or is it not possible?

(Using Limelight)

Neko ^^

This is done with the use of zoom.
For instance, first zoom at the objects feet, then have the zoom move up to the face during a time sequence.

ex. (from INK story, but the principle’s the same)
&CHARACTER spot 0.822 111 180
@zoom on 97 46 to 400% in 0
@pause for a beat
&zoom on 97 300 to 400% in 5
@pause for 7
@zoom on 236 310 to 380% in 2



Thank you so much for the help <3 ^ _^

Happy to help.


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