I need help with placing characters!

I need help with placing characters like I want them to be lined up at a club and i dont get the zooms and spot numbers can someone help me and teach me?


Welcome to the community! I’ll give some tags for you, but like, I’m not the best at this because of tech issues making the way I do it different than how others do it!
Anybody else I forgot!


Basically if you want to put your character in certain places you have to know which background position you want.
@NAME stands screen left AND NAME faces right
That will make your character stand in the position you want
@NAME enters from left to screen left
That makes them enter scene
If you want to scale or move your character, all you have to do is click save and preview. After that you click direct help i think that’s the name. Than you click spot direct.
Now listen carefully.
You have to remember to scroll down a little bit after your done scaling and click copy NEVER FORGET! After that you past it into your script like this

@NAME stands screen left AND NAME faces right
@NAME spot 0.938 261 119

Your number will be different

background position:
upscreen left
upscreen right
screen right
screen left

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@Madisongermany check Joseph Evans on YouTube he has tutorials about spot directing and zooms, you can also use script template by Episode (available in the portal for INK version) if you’re using LL just change the animations.

You can check these threads too:

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THANK YOU!! so much that helped alot!

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