I need help with planning, motivation, where to get good backgrounds, and how to stop procrastinating

Longer explanation

I want to make progress on my stories! There are so many ideas that I have that I want to put out in the world. On Episode, in books, or even TV shows or movies. The part I hate is thinking about where to start.

I can think of my story idea easily and get an idea of how the story will go. The problem I have is figuring out what the put in between. Dialogue, scenes, etc. I do not want my stories to be cringe.

I think I could plan a story, but I have a problem. PROCRASTINATION. I’ll work on something, and then leave it for God knows how long. And then I’m like, “Man, I wish I made some more progress on this.” I think it’s also a lack of motivation in me. I feel like I’ll make some progress and then get stuck and drop the whole thing, but I don’t want that to happen.

Also, I’m always amazed at the backgrounds people use, the overlays, especially the limb ones, and art scenes. I don’t want to pay for things. I want them to be free or just not having the use of actual money.

In conclusion, I want some tips on planning, tips on motivation, where to find good backgrounds, and overlays, that suit what I want. And yes, I know Forum shops and pixabay are a thing. I just want to be able to get my stories out there and be creative.


" :notes:sTOrY Of mY liFE :notes:" I need the same help :sob: :raised_hand:t5: (bio literally says it all :joy:) But I can tell you where I get my backgrounds from

And you can also check out these…
Anyone know any good free background drives? - #6 by Goldpigs


Hey you can use unsplash,pexels and pixabay they have good bgs


Planning tips would be to have the beginning middle and end set up like what you want to happen you can either be really detailed or really broad depending on you and how you think best. Make sure you watch a lot of videos Joesph Evan’s are really good. Before u make a thread asking for help search up what you are about to say because someone probably already answered it once or twice. If you need any more help feel free to PM me on her or DM me @loveepisodegames_


I feel you there on the lack of motivation, and having a writer’s block majority of the time (especially procrastination, big yikes).

Necessarily, I’d say planning out on a Google Doc or a notebook would be a great place to start! You can write down the characters, and plan the storyline way before you can even write it down on the Portal so that way once you finish it out; then all you would have to do is just transfer it. :))
As for motivation tips, most of the inspiration can be based off of a movie, tv series, or even just a book! However, i m a g i n a t i o n and being in a good mood to write can also benefit as well. Originality also plays a key part in the writing process, so that can help make your story unique!

Adding on, I’d say that limb overlays and backgrounds are really the key part in making a story interesting other than just the narrating itself. People on insta, and other royalty/copyright free websites like pexels.com, pixabay.com, unsplash.com, and many others have great backgrounds to use! (Except if you want to use backgrounds off of insta, please give credit to the person who made it.)

If you’re planning to have any art scenes, I recommend commissioning! Sure, some are paid and (hopefully) some are not. Yet, they will look incredible in your story no matter who is doing the art.


That’s what I’m going to do.


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for planning i 100% recommend having a planning doc and maybe a separate doc for jotting down ideas and reminders! it helps so much when it comes to writing a story. as far as backgrounds, as an episode author you will always be in search of perfect backgrounds to fit your scenes just right- but you’re not always going to find them. so, to avoid searching endlessly through threads and various different websites, i recommend learning how to make your own cool backgrounds! im no pro at making backgrounds, and i know it’s exhausting work that not everyone has time for, but at the end of the day you’ll have a bg customized just how you want it!!

here’s some links!

for motivation/planning/ideas/information

Writer’s Tips
Writing Motivation Tips
More Writer’s Block & Motivation Tips
Planning Tips
Inspiration & Planning Tips
Questions For Your Characters
More Character Questions
More Planning Tips

for background editing/creation

Joseph Evans’ BG Editing Tutorial
Pixlr E (editing website)
How To Edit BGs Using Photoshop

extra tips

if you can’t afford photoshop or just don’t want to pay for it, you can download ‘GIMP’. It’s an image editing software for computers that is basically the same as photoshop- and it’s free!
you can always ask background editors on the forums for help with background editing if you need it!!

hopefully this is somewhat helpful, sorry for the long reply haha :’)


Some overlays websites:
Pngtree (tho I don’t use this one some people do)
Rawpixels (make sure to be in the free section, all there free ones are for commercial use, aka can be used on episode)

Where I get motivation:
My dad who is the artists of the family, if you have someone who is the artists of the family and you trust then they might help with ideas and tips.

Helpiyothers in the community, for me personally I like helping so if I can I try to, this helps me to remember why I started

Opening my favorite part of the portal and spend some time there before I code, for me I will spend some time making outfits, and background characters because it’s something fun before I have to do what I say is “dreaded spot directing” :weary: ugh

I like looking at images and things around me, personally it helps to get the ideas along with feeling st calm to code.

(I don’t do all of them at once tho it’s when I feel needed, like sometimes I’m ready to code and others not so much)

I recommend looking at threads, there’s many how to threads and tip threads

I also recommend looking at websites like dara-amarie.com and episodelife.com for tips and more.

Linktrees are great too so if you see a linktrees or cared.co check it out, some have hidden gems (like backgrounds and overlays which was commented above)

If you have Instagram following certain groups for tips and insight and support (not necessarily a follow or like as support but learning new things you didn’t know). Some people in follow that have either tips, bgs, overlays etc are: @/Jem776x (@/JemU776 on the forums), @/dara.amarie.ep (@/Dara.Amarie on the forums), @/episodeaxiom , @/amepisode (@/amepiside on the forums) and @/helpingepicommunity .

When your stories out:
I’ve seen read 4 read helps authors, r4r
Gem 4 gem helps too, g4g
And support 4 support, s4s

Also entertaining competitions your story applies for can help gain recognition.

-thats what I got of the top of my head maybe more


Lol that was a lot, hope some of it helps :blush:


Quote on how I plan from this thread, you can see how others plan to and maybe one will fit you:




No problem :hugs:


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