I need help with plot of third episode T^T <SOLVED>

Hi! This is the first called LAPD 831 Z-Unit! It’s LGBT+, Choices matter, and has a point system. I’d love some suggestions for how my characters should meet!

Story Description: You (the MC) move to Los Angeles for your career as a police officer, but something happens to you, you become a zombie! So it falls onto you and your love interest, the newest detective at the LAPD, to solve the mysterious murders happening across the city. Can you find out what’s going on before the zombie apocalypse becomes more than science fiction!

There is a point-based choice for the reader to make. If they don’t have the points for the special choice, the LI won’t meet the MC until later.

I want the characters to meet for sure in the third episode but idk how they should meet if I take this choice out. Should I take the choice out or should I leave it? And if I take it out, how should they meet?

Wait, so the MC is a zombie? I think the moment they meet should be only one, but what it could be point based is the conersation could be friendly or bad, you know?
I couls help you with a few ideas but I have to know if the MC is a zombie :grinning: lol

Yes the MC is a zombie lol! I do plan on making a LI point system wherein the 1st meeting between them the reader can make a choice that will gain or lose LI points. I just dont know how to go about them meeting… ^^;

Ok I read all your ideas and came up with this :relieved::

She moves to los angeles and then a few mysterious murders happens. Then zombies appear (which were the cause of those mysterious accidents) Her boss tells her that a man: INSERT NAME(LI) also a police and investigator really well known bla bla bla is going to help them and will work together with her. (She dosent know who he is)
The thing is when people encounter with zombies they instantly die and become a zombie. While, on a mision the main caracter gets bit by one of them and survives which makes her diffrent (She could be becoming a zombie slowly or something else idk). After that happens she (hurt) escapes from the zombie bumps into the LI. THEY MEET. He insist in asking why she isnt a zombie when she came from a cave? place? idk full of zombies. They fight.
A few days later pass, she is hurt and in pain but dont tell anyone what happened.
She goes to work and her boss presents her to that amazing invatigator and SURPRISE is the LI. lol, she is like, you got to be kidding me
zOMBie apocalypse :woman_zombie: :zombie: (OH NO)
They together have to discover how to stop the zombies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Omg that sounds AMAZING! You just gave me some great inspiration and now I have a better idea of what to do for this chapter so thank you so so much!!!

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:relieved: :+1:

If you finish your story tell me, so I can read it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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