I need help with plot .. or first chapter

Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me with a plot or the first chapter… I wrote my whole outline out and characters already. I just don’t want to mess the first chapter up. Any tip will help❤️

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What is it about?

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It’s about a girl that was in love with her best friend… One night he left unexpectedly…

i say like do background, lets the readers know theyre friends and then like in the very end show how hes gone or let the main character find out and do a cliffhanger that’s what i think you should do

Ok so he leaves a note on her pillow … The morning he left to

oooo thats perfect for the end i thinkk
im totally gonna read your story

Thanks :heart: now the problem is how much should I show of there friend ship cause there a twist in it :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

Well how is the frienship is?

They were so close … They meet when they were 5…

Background story then show them how theyre friend is and ending with a cliffhanger

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dont say, this is my best friend we have been best friends forever, instead show them as best friend doing stuff togheter,


So I have another questions… so before he left something happen …should I show some of it or wait and do other flash back through the story. @line123462

do it before he leaves

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