I need help with 'Previews'!

Hi! This is my first time posting here :two_hearts:
I have a problem with the ‘previews’ and ‘unpreviews’. I change the hair style to ‘Messy Sock Bun’ in the middle of the chapter, but when I play that chapter in the app (to see how is it going on), the character has that hair style (‘Messy Sock Bun’) since the beginning.

Help :sob :

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The previewer sometimes f*cks up :sweat_smile:
I can suggest you preview all the chapter until the “unpreviews” command, and then replay it from the beginning to see if it is still there


Thanks! I will try that
It’s my first time using previews so I freaked out :rofl:

It does that a lot for me. You can reload the page each time or set the character’s default hairstyle at the beginning.
For example, right at the start somewhere, you can put this
@CHARACTER changes hair into hair_style
Hope this helps

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I did something similar, at the start I put @CHARACTER unpreviews hair Messy Sock Bun and now it’s working normal!! Thank you so much :blush: