I need help with punching!

I’m trying to make my character punch, but I hate having to wait. Is there a way I can make her punch faster? She’s really mad, so I think this is the best animation.


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Hmm before you say @CHARACTER is punch

@pause for 0.5 then say that action after the pause line, if that doesn’t work write the @pause for 0.5 before <3 the punch. You can also put the number like 1, 2, 3 , 4 ,5, 0.1, 0.9, etc! <3 Hope that helped

I think this could work:

@CHARACTER is punch_jab THEN CHARACTER is punch_jab THEN CHARACTER is punch_jab

That’s true but she wants the person to punch faster, not the other character react faster.

I don’t get it :joy: I used the same character for all 3 commands so isn’t that the same character giving punch after punch?

I don’t get what you just said, I meant what you said is for the character to react as the person is punching, which yes I guess that could work but she wants the character to punch faster, not the character who is getting punched to react faster, sorry if you don’t understand that ^

this is the animation i’m using. it’s the closing scene and i don’t know how to add the pause to this?

&SCARLET is scream THEN SCARLET is punch_jab THEN SCARLET is punch_jab THEN SCARLET is punch_jab

it’s just not fast enough :frowning:

Oh. Punch_jab is the animation for giving punch in ink <3

Try to put the @pause for 0.5 before or after the punching script.

Can you put the @pause in front of the ampersand action? Will that work? Or will I need to put it into two separate actions instead of one long action?

You can put one of those @pause for 0.1 or 0.5 before or after the line, or both.

Also I’m pretty sure you can only put two characters doing one thing per line so do like @SCARLETT is scream and her or the other character doing something else with the AND SCARLETT/CHARACTER 2 is punch

Then the same thing again with different actions for them.

Scarlet is the only character on screen, she’s punching the door.

@ SCARLET is scream
&SCARLET is punch_jab
@pause for 0.5
&SCARLET is punch_jab
@pause for 0.5
&SCARLET is punch_jab
@pause for 0.5

You might want to change the timing though. Test it out anyway

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Oh okay then just do

@pause for 0.1

@SCARLETT is scream THEN SCARLETT is punch_jab

So try doing it before so it takes a small amount to pause before she says something or sees something that makes her mad.

I just tested it in my script as well.

&CHARACTER is punch_jab
@pause for 0.4
&CHARACTER is punch_jab
@pause for 0.4
@CHARACTER is punch_jab

Haha dude I see that your problems already solved but I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw your title, I was like “it’s not that hard you just gotta throw your fist forward? Can’t believe she doesn’t know how to punch lmfao”

lmao i know but i wanted it to be kinda vague so it would get answered quicker. haha so people would be like “maybe you shouldn’t write if you can’t figure it out…”

:slight_smile: Hopefully my script helped you though!

thank you ma’am this worked perfectly!!

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