I need help with punching!


Yay! You’re welcome


Hey, I have another question. I don’t know if it’s my coding or if it’s just a glitch in the previewers but my character enters and does the action, but then she just exits the screen. There’s no action I have written out that would cause her to leave the screen and I’ve tried several different things to fix this problem, even restarting my computer and using different web browsers. I’ve tried different coding, and nothing is working, she just leaves the screen then pops up on the opposite side.

I was wondering if you could help me, @amberose


Hmmm so strange. Can you screenshot your script?
And there’s definitely no direction line way at the bottom of your script you might have missed? (Something I do lol)


I do have her exiting the screen at the end of the scene (there’s so much dialogue between then so I didn’t think that would be an issue) so I deleted it just to be safe, then re-tested it, and it still did the same thing. :roll_eyes:

Here’s a screen shot of my coding/dialogue but in the picture you can see that before Leia even has a chance to speak her dialogue, Scarlet has already left the screen and is starting her eyeroll. It’s just so unusual.


And here’s Scarlet’s directing command for the line that’s cut off at the top. Just so you can see that I didn’t put anything to have her exit the screen. I was just saying in another topic how it’s so frustrating that sometimes you just want to give up.

@SCARLET stands screen left AND SCARLET walks to spot 1.280 118 -20 AND SCARLET faces right THEN SCARLET is idle_exhausted


What is that on line 679?

Idk if that’s it, but it looks like you have her in the right spot from line 677 and they you’ve moved her. Try taking out the spot and just having the eyeroll


I added that into there to see if she would just stand at the same spot, and it didn’t work. Even without it there she still just walks away.


Instead of a screenshot, could you cut and paste that scene of your script?
I think I know what might be wrong, but it’s easier to be sure if I have the full script picture.
I take it you want LEIA to stand waiting, fidling with her phone as SCARLET walks up to her, and then they have the conversation?



Hmmm… Ok then.
Well on line 677 is see the same spot direction. Maybe it might help if you add the zone?
I’m honestly just guessing here lol

(He hasn't called me that in ages.)

(What the hell is going on?)

&DAD is deepbreath THEN DAD is idle_sad THEN SCARLET exits left

@transition fade out black


&LEIA spot 1.280 242 -20 AND LEIA faces left AND LEIA is idle_phone_hold

&SCARLET enters from left to screen center AND SCARLET is walk_exhausted THEN SCARLET is idle_exhausted

@SCARLET is eyeroll

    LEIA (talk_gossip)
Well? How did that go?

@SCARLET is eyeroll

&LEIA is listen

    SCARLET (talk_exhausted)
Um, well... I guess it could have gone worse? I don't know. The whole situation was really weird.

&SCARLET is talk_neutral AND LEIA is listen THEN SCARLET is talk_neutral_deny AND LEIA is talk_repulsed THEN SCARLET is talk_apathetic AND LEIA is laugh_guffaw THEN SCARLET is laugh_giggle

And as Leia and I made our way back home, I told her everything.

That’s my script. A few lines before the problem and a few lines after. I’ve skipped over and started editing a different scene, and it’s working just fine. Should I try with a different background? I’m at a loss. I thought taking some time off I could come back and find the problem with a clear mind, but unfortunately it’s still giving me just as many problems, and I’ve tried other methods since then, tried them, and they still won’t work.


Hopefully that helps you help me, @HappyDaisy


Copying your script got me the same result, so it’s not just you. The good news is that I know what’s causing it.
It’s your previous scene. Or rather the ending of it. The trouble laying in that you use the & command for the last line of the script. Change &DAD is deepbreath to a @DAD is deepbreath, as well as the next scene’s &SCARLET enters to a @ SCARLET enters, and everything should be dandy. (ignore the space) You can alos solve it by adding @pause for time after using a & command.

Why is this?
By using the & command you tell the SE to continue reading the script without stop. And this apply between scenes as well, at least if you use the same characters. Don’t know why - maybe a miss in the programming - but that’s the way it is and we have to work with it.
So, because you don’t have any pause, after that line of the script, that means that while DAD is doing his animation the SE’s already moved on to reading the next scene.
So when you and the screen finally catch up, SCARLET hasn’t yet done her previous walking. Together with you using a new & for her walk she simply jump to the eyeroll, then - as by then she catches up to the previous THEN command - she exits left.

To avoid this trouble, don’t forget using pauses for time when using &…



Oh. My. Gosh. You seriously saved me. Like, I was so discouraged I wanted to just give up. Thank you so much for answering and solving this for me. You are an absolute angel, thank you so so much.

I feel like I’m in over my head, because I’m a new author, and I really want to start off with good spot directing, overlays, and zooms. Nothing draws the reader in like a well directed story, whether they know it or not.

Thank you so so much again. I appreciate this so much!


Happy to help.

A good and unique directing does make half the story, but it takes time to learn. The best tip I can give you is to not rush. Take your time playing around with the SE to practice and as you do you’ll not only learn how it works, but also find your own style of directing.
Should you need any more help, don’t hesitate to PM me and I’ll do my best to help you out.