I need help with remembering choices from another episode

So I’ve done a very important choice in one episode and when get to the other one idk how to remember the choice
Here’s an example

This is the next episode
Is this right?

You have to put the gain in the choice.
gain Tell justin you are the one that broke the glasses

This is an example of how I do my gain for my story.
gain Mc_made_A_Choice_Ep1
It’s easier to mark the gain by episode than to put a regular line of sentences.

Here is an example in my script

And here is the example of me using it in the next episode. You don’t have to use the Else .

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OMG thank you soooo much you are a life saver you made it so clear

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Your welcome. I don’t think you can use parentheses in a gain tho but I’m not sure.

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But can the whole script can it only work on mobile device

You can also put a branch inside a branch.
if (Mc_makes_choice_A_Ep2) {
Blah blah
If (Mc is mean to friend) {
}elif (Mc is nice to friend) {
Blah blah
Script continues…

What do you mean?

Like when I played the script on my pc it did not do anything

if your using your Pc it won’t show up because it can only view that episode but you can select it manually. But if you use you phone and you select the choice it’s show up in the next episode.

Go to STORY MODIFIER then click on FLAGS and you can select the branch manually but you might have to reset your episode on your phone every time you want to take a different branch.

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Ok I just wanted to be sure cause when it didn’t happen I started panicking but thanks for your help I really appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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I put more in that :point_up:t5::point_up_2:t5:

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