I need help with rotating my overlay in the spot i placed in originally

Standard anchor point is 0 0 which is left down corner of the overlay… You have changed it to 0.5 0.5 which is in the middle of the overlay.

That is the reason why you are experiencing the unwanted movement… As I said the shift coordinates is a fix point on the screen. While anchor point is point on overlay…which you want to be on that fix point on screen

This will not solve the problem because she changed anchor point.

(this is another problem im having with another overlay the overlay moves offscreen and then it suddenly moves slowly up and thats not what i want it to do (the overlay is the hand and i placed the hand in its original spot then i want it to rotate to his face and its the -15 where her hand moves but when i preview it its all wrong)

@zoom on 238 507 to 54% in 0
&overlay EHLM rotates -15 anchor point -0.5 -0.5 in 25
&overlay 5708000595279872_EHLM shifts to 76 -31
&overlay 5708000595279872_EHLM scales to 0.799 0.799
@pause for 4324324324
&overlay EHLM rotates 0 anchor point -0 -0 in 22
@pause for 4999

(this is the script and EHLM is the hand of the girl)
(the problem im having is that the hand appears offscreen right and it doesent stay in the position its in but then it moves slowly up to where i want it to but i want it first to be in the position i placed it in and then stay their and rotate without moving)

Default anchor point is allways 0 0. Left down corner.

If you first spot overlay (no matter by placing it next to backgroung or by using the shift command) the anchor point is in this moment still defoult 00 even if you do not write it.

. Therefore in the moment you give comand… Anchorpoint 0.5 0.5. YOU CHANGE THE DEFAULT ANCHOR POINT.

The slowly up is I guss the first command where you let it rorate 25 seconds?

I am not angry. :grin:

Im just trying to explain it I animate overlays on and on I know what I am talking anout but it is difficult for people to get what is the anchor point. It is not easy to explain. :grin:

OK from this part of the script I dont see what you have above (how you created that overlay)

But again invthe line where you rotate it 25seconds you I gues for first time changed the anchor point?

If so That will be the reason why it jumps ofscreen because you basicly shif til halt the hight down and half width to the left.

Also 25seconds is pretty long… Not sure if you really wanted this?

Than you again change anchor point on - 0-0 wchich causes I guess another unwanted shift?

:grin: Thats it.

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Therefore I sugest to first just change the anchor point without rotation

Than move the overlay on desired spot and copy the coordinates and than give the rotation command.

Yes Thats one of the reasons.

If you do not do it you can always make new spotting after the comand where you change overlayanchor point… But often you with this “delete” what you did before with placing it.

So this step just avoids the unnecessary spotting which you than anyway must change… Saves you a bit of time… Good when you for example use dificult animation like limb overlay which schould rotate in the joint and hold girls mouth like somebody is silencing her… You can spend some time to spot it right and than you change the anchorpoint realizing you dont want the hand to rotate aroud this spot because the joint is elswhere and you basicly start over. :laughing:

I do it always if I am making more complex animations.

Its not a must just saves time.

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Yep learned from own mistakes… I was 1hour placing the hand on girls mouth shifting it in coordination with her screaming animation… And I had what I wanted… Just adding to the begining when the hand goes up to her mouth…which leaded to anchor point change… And I had to start over. :rofl::rofl:

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I need help. This was the only link kinda related to my problem that wasn’t closed. I’m doing a cafe overlay, I finally get one person behind it and then the other person walks in and she’ll go behind it too! I swear I’ve looked at everything I could find for hours but nothing works.

You need to work with layers.
!!! For layers it is necessary spot direct the characters because simply directing resets layers.

With simply directing I mean commands like character walks to screen center. And so on.

Show me me the script we can look where the problem is.

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I tried sending you the screen shot but just in case you dont get it, this is my script;

@RANDOM WORKER spot 1.280 173 38 in zone 2 at layer 3
@pan to zone 2
@pause for a beat
@EMERY enters from left to screen left
@EMERY spot 1.238 55 8 in zone 2 at layer 2
@zoom on 326 506 to 109% in 0

You have the overlay on layer 4.

Characers are both behind because both are on lower layer… 3and 2. Put the one you want infront of the overlay on layer 5 instead.

So I put the one i want behind a bigger layer than the overlay and the one infront smaller than the overlay?
EX; Em. layer 3
Worker layer 5
overlay layer 4

(this can help you with your problem hope it helps)

I’ve read that through at least half a dozen times. Even when I tried to do what I said earlier that way and the opposite she still goes behind either way. :((