I need help with scene transition

So I’m trying to end a scene and transition to the next one and I use “@transition fade out black 1” but when I do that it stays on the same scene and then transitions. How do I make it more smoother?

@transition fade out black in 1

You forgot to add the “in”

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Thank you!!

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Tip time: You don’t actually need the “in” with a transition command :upside_down_face: Most people don’t know that, but just @transition fade out black 1 works perfectly fine, just as @transition fade out black in 1 would :slight_smile: I’m not really sure when I discovered this, I just got lazy one day, I guess, and discovered it works without it, lol.


Well, everyone codes differently, so yeah lol. Also, thanks!! :grin: I didn’t know that either until now too. XDDD I just usually code how I normally code, and I learn the easier coding a bit later since it’s going to take time for me to get it.

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Just out of curiosity, between your transitions, do you have everything with the ‘&’ command (rather than ‘@’). With the exception of ‘zoom reset’ and changing clothes, use ‘&’ to position characters and overlays before transitioning back into a scene, which will make it smoother, otherwise they’ll pop up first and then the transition will come in.
(and if you have that ignore this lol) :slight_smile:

I usually just use the @ symbol so that probably was the problem.

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