I need help with script/choice

Hey guys, I have this choice where each option has a different ending for the chapter and I just went to the app to test it and when the chapter is supposed to end it just keeps going showing the script for the other choice, I don’t know if I explained myself correctly but I just want to know if my readers are algo gonna see that error, or not. Please let me know ASAP I want to release my story today :slight_smile:

what does your choice script look like?

okay so the first one i’m just showing you how the name of the choice and everything is set up, the second one shows the beginning of the scenes/script for the first choice and on the third one you can see where the chapter is supposed to end if you choose the first option and then the script for the second option follows, so when i go to the app to check everything i pick the first option and when everything ends it just keeps going and shows the script/animations of the second choice

I’ve always had this exact same issue, and I never understood why… but I didn’t want to ask for help, so I came up with a solution myself.
To resolve it I just added a: [ goto EndTheChapter ] label at the end of each different branch… and it worked.

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I could be mistaken, but maybe it’s because you wrote the “else” with nothing in between the curly brackets? You started coding after closing them…

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thank you so much for your help guys! I tried the brackets thing and it worked! thank you again :two_hearts:

It’s not that. Their coding there was absolutely correct :relaxed:

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I just double checked again, just in case, and it seems to work, i thought the coding wasn’t gonna be the problem lol, but thanks :slight_smile:

It isn’t, you’re right :heart:

Ahhh I’m sorry for not replying! I’m glad you got it working :))