I need help with scripting my story

I really need help with my story script because I am new at this. So is anyone willing to help me with my story?:blush:


What do you need help with?

I can help you if you want. But what do you need help with?

i suggest watching joseph evans on youtube. he posts many episode scripting tutorials in great detail, it look awfully hard at first but it’s very, very easy! there will be a few bugs in your scripting some times but you can always come to the forums for help!

I need help with how to move the car side limo to the left side of the background

I need help with making the character do animations like transition_sit_to_stand

I will look him up and watch it now thank you so much!

You just do

@CHARACTER is transition_sit_to_stand

of course! good luck!


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Thank you!

No problem! Glad to help

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