I need help with some simple choices

For the “Fantastic choice,” I think I can do because the Narrator will have some dialogue there.
But for the other choice, I want it to go back to customization again, but I always get errors.
Is there a way I can do this?

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If you have a label for the customization, you need to put within the choice a goto [label name].

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Not specific enough, but thanks for the help…

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she legit told extually what to do, ofcourse if you dont know what a label is I get why you dont understand it

a label is like a save point. you can write labels inside a choice though. they have to be before or after.

a goto, is the thing there will make you go from this place you are to the label. you can place a goto inside a choice

it shall look kinda like this

label dress_pick

Do you like the dress

“yes” {

“no” {

goto dress_pick



Girl, you don’t have to go that hard :sweat_smile:
You really just need a label, could you post a screenshot or the error you say you’re having with those? :blush:

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Why didn’t you just tell me you needed an example?

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Anyways, thanks for a detailed response.