I need help with Spot Directing

Hi! So, I’m writing my first story and I’m having some problems with the spot directing.

1. One of my problems is that when I make a character bigger or smaller (taller or shorter I mean) than the default size and want them to go to another spot in another zone, I type in @(character’s name) spot (numbers) in zone x but while they’re walking they either get shorter (if they’re tall) or taller (if they’re short) and only when they arrive at the spot I ordered them to go they get to the size I ordered them to be and I don’t know why it’s happening.

2. Also I want a man and a kid to enter the scene and I want the kid to be in front of the man but the kid is behind him and the man hides it and I don’t know how to fix it so it is the opposite.

Please if anyone knows how to fix these, help me out!

Btw english is not my native language, so I’m sorry if I have made any mistakes and I hope you understand what I mean

Thank you!

  1. Use:
    @CHARACTER walks to spot S x y in T in zone … (S=scale | T = Time)
    If you want them to have the same high just don’t change their scale, just the x y coordinates.

  2. When placing them use:


@FATHER spot S x y in zone v at layer x
@SON spot S x y in zone v at layer x

The father’s layer number would have to be smaller than the kid’s. For example Father: 0 and Kid:1

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you are probably using comand

@character walks to screen center in zone 2

if you use comands like “screen center” it will resie them to the defout size.

you must use spot directing also for the walking comand

@CHAR walks to spot X Y Z in zone 2

and the X is the size which you will keep the same as when you have spot direct him.

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Okay, I think I got it, thanks for the help! :relaxed::heart:

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Yes, that’s what I was using lol, thank you :relaxed::heart:

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