I need help with spots

So, I wanted my character to switch to zone 2, but it says it has a script error

@follow YOU to spot 0.68 122 267 in zone 2

That was the command I used. Is there any problems?

The scale in a spot formula usually is four digits, 0.68 is only 3 :thinking:

Oh, How do I fix it?

Read this:

Hope it helps!

P.S You can write something like:

&pan to zone 2 in 3
@YOU walks to spot 0.68 122 267 in zone 2 in 3 AND YOU does it while walk_neutral

When you look at the spot guide (usually the one you copy)
Maybe you missed out on a digit?

I didn’t use a spot guide…

Did you use your phone to spot the character?


0.68 is fine to write, I believe. The problem is that the follow command can’t be used with spot directing :sweat_smile:

Ok so when you spot a character, you can see down below that after the word spot It’s a 4 letter number sequence.
You’ll have to go back on your phone a re-spot them, and try to find the 4 digit number!

Thanks to both of you! I’ll try different things out. Thanks!

On your phone, it should be right near the bottom left, make sure to copy each and every digit!

No problem! Glad to help <3

And remember this:

Good luck! :blue_heart::hibiscus: