I need help with starting my story

Okay sO i’ve been coding stories and the amount of drafts i have is just depressing. I have so many story ideas in my head but I legit do not know how to start the story off, i haven’t published anything and I do know how to code and work overlays ect i just don’t know how to start it off n i’m gonna explode. Some help would be appreciated (:


well which story do you want to go with? then I can help you

So, it’s more of a romantic story? Not cliche bad boy or anything more like best-friend-falling-in-love kind of thing. Wait that is cliche-
Anyway i appreciate it.

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i think the plot is a little cliche but for your first story don’t worry about it too much, think of it as practice.

what would your description be, and what’s the title.

i need details for my creativity to prevail.

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Okay so the stroy is called ‘feelings are fatal’ (yes, like the song its cringey but i love it) The main character Blake (female) is genuinely insecure and nervous 24/7 really cliche but her best friend (love interest) starts looking at her differently ect, it’s quite a neutral plot nothing with guns or anything it’s typical love. Kind of. It’s a very soft story I just dont know how to start it.

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i think all good stories (not mine) show instead of tell, so don’t start off with narration introducing your character.
don’t be like “hey my name is Blake, i’m 17. I’ve always been a nervous kid…” etc.

start off maybe where she has to present a speech in front of the class and you can tell she’s nervous. maybe cut to her best friend giving her support.

if you want, i can write the opening for you and see if you like it?

Hm. I had an idea at the start that it was going to be her and the love interest together maybe like on a cliff or something? And her just talking about in the moment with her/him, what you’ve said is good but pretty basic im a perfectionist hah. I might just go with that though.

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it’s totally up to you, i just think if you started it off my way, we’d already see their relationship is only friendship, i think starting like this

shows there’s already some romance there,

but like i said, completely your choice

True. dfjufjkd this is so frustrating um any other good authoristic ideas?

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i think you should check out some of these threads

watch all Joesph Evans videos on youtube.
if you got questions ask them here in the forum. but first, try to search maybe it has already been answered
instead of making a forum asking for a cover go to an artist forum it more easy to get one
do not expect your story to be popular. it is a struggle. and getting reads is not about the story been good but promotion. of course, if it is good they will stay to the end.
dont. and I repeat DONT make a cc only chapter.
you do not need art scenes. especially not if you have cc
prepare for hate mail. but to just ignore them
prepare for grammar nazis.episode is full of them.
before you published to get a second opinion. a lot of people do review. you can send the link and they can read the story. but be careful they sometimes tell you to change something you do not wanna change. so dont it is your story, not theirs.
do not write to get reads. write cause you like to do it
it is hard work.
before publishing look your story over on the app. because the view you have on the computer and the one your phone dont always match. and it is best to go after what you see on the app. cause that is what your reader will see


Hey I just wanna wish you good luck with your story(ies). I’m literally the opposite in which I am so behind on my coding skills but could push through with the writing (sorta :sweat_smile:). You’ve got this & I can’t wait to read one of your stories!

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My advice. Don’t jump straight into coding.

Make your plot, and make sure you have no plot holes.

Then jump into coding, and take it slow. I suggest writing at least eight episodes before publishing the story, so you already have episodes ready to publish while your still writing.

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Agreed sometimes the best story takes years to write. Not saying that you should take years to think about your plot :joy:. But try to write down maybe the first episode then code. Cause sometimes I find myself getting confused. I mean I write down everything. From where and what the scene change is, and the dialogue. I also recommend you find more community stories and read the first couple episodes so you have more inspiration!


Yes, and learn more about coding before starting. That way you have less to fix in the long run.

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I think it is usually a good idea to start off with letting the reader choose the MC’s name and appearance… Usually a good start :sweat_smile::joy:

And then maybe do a dramatic scene…Followed by flashbacks?

Or, for a school theme maybe your parents are calling you because you have … minutes left to get ready?


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I really appreciate your support <3

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