I need help with story title ideas!

Hi! I’m working on a new story and I don’t know what the title of it should be.
Here’s the description for it:

A nerd falls in love with a football player at her school and the football player the nerd is in love with has a huge secret that he’s a devil but the nerd doesn’t know the football player’s secret that he’s a devil until later.

What should the title of this story be?

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  • An Untold Secret
  • A Devil’s Secret
  • His Secret
  • The Nerd & The Devil
  • An Untold Truth
  • Devil In Disguise

Thank you!

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Devil in the details
Book smart & Hell Smart
High school inferno
The Demon Next door
Locker 666
Burn my books
Detention with the Devil
Touchdown to Hell

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