I need help with story titles

So I’m trying to come up with a story title for a story that I really wanna write today. Here’s the story description:

Story Description

A young teenage girl in high school meets an older classmate in one of her classes and they talked non-stop and the guy that the young teenager dated was so in love with her, until the girl realizes she’s bisexual and that she’s been bisexual for 5 years because she was in love with the same girl for 5 years. The young teenager tells her boyfriend that she’s bi and the boyfriend breaks up with her that leaves her devastated.

What should the title be for this story?

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How about:

  • Twisted Love
  • Wrong Side
  • Different Interest
  • Boys’ or Girls’ Girl?
  • Five years, one Lie
  • A Hidden Secret
  • Until Now

i think until now suggestion by @lanafrazer_episode fits the story. just a small tip from me make ur story title unique dont use the titles already used for other stories. Just a reminder.

  • The second you knew
  • Untold Truth
  • Letting Go of the Truth
  • The Guy that Lied

That one is good :heavy_heart_exclamation:


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