I need help with story

So basically, I’m having a problem. I have a character named Rachel that is kind of important to my story. Rachel is plus sized. Since there’s not a lot of plus sized clothes, I can’t really use her. What do I do? Should I just make Rachel skinny?

Well, you could always go to @outfitideas.episode on instagram. She has a couple Plus-sized models

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My characters have a specific high school uniform to wear, and I just can’t find a plus-sized outfit that matches the uniforms. I might just have to make Rachel skinny:( Thanks for the help though.


Maybe you can have the outfits match Rachel’s available outfits instead.

You can just make them not have uniforms, no?

Well, think, why did you make her plus size in the first place. Is it important to your plot or is it just cause why not?

Now that I think about it, it’s not really that important to the plot for her to be plus sized. Thanks for posing the question.

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No problem!

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I’m new to the community , and was wondering if anyone could assist me. I’m trying to create a new topic. How do I go about that ?

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