I Need Help With Storyline (INK & LIMELIGHT)

I want to write a mafia romance but I’m having trouble with a plot

can someone give me some ideas

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I did start an idea like that but i never finished it but idk it might help inspire you or you can just use it if you want.
The Mc is an illegal fighter she thinks there is nothing a woman can’t do in heels. She fights because she likes to be in control and it makes her full powerful. She had a little sister who got killed and she blames herself for it. Her parents disowned her and her only friends were the Garcia twins who moved away a year ago. One of the twins pays her a visit and he asks for her help as they are now apart of a mafia and need someone who is trained to go undercover at a school.

That’s all i wrote down when i was thinking of ideas for a story.
I don’t know if it’s good but you can use it if you want.

im currently doing a story where a mafia leader marries her before he falls in love with her as part of an arranged marriage and I just need ideas on how to start the story

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this is what I have so far

@pan to zone 3
This story is about Arianna DeLuca
And her marriage to Lucas Moretti
@transition fade out black
@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@ARIANNA spot 1.280 50 0
@ARIANNA moves to layer 2
@ARIANNA faces right
@ARIANNA is idle_sad
This is Arianna DeLuca
She recently lost her job
And lives in a bad neighbourhood
ARIANNA (dismayed)
(I can’t believe he fired me)
(What do I do now)
(How am i gonna pay for my apartment now!

You could try a different plot-line than most Mafia story’s follow.

Instead of Arianna walking in on a killing you could have her unknowingly, borrow money from them. Or instead of her automatically in love with the boss, and vice a versa, maybe have her fall in love with one of the lower ranks, or for the first few episodes show her ranking up (paced appropriately)

And don’t make her automatically be okay with it, like for grief, “the 7 stages of grief model is a more in-depth analysis of the components of the grief process. These seven stages include shock, denial , anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance”

Not exactly the same but you could show shock, denial, bargining even depression (correctly displayed) testing as accepting.

Just ideas they might not fit with the plot :smile:

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