I need help with swimming codes


More especially for LIMELIGHT


I have only seen for ink not limelight . Their suppose to release one for limelight but as far I seen no update yet


Oh okay…Thank you


You welcome


Hey, I don’t think there’s a swim animation for Limelight, however there is one called crowdsurf_excited_loop

Anyway, I tested it out on writer’s portal and came up with this code:


@zoom reset

@YOU spot -1.181 -132 892 AND YOU faces right

@YOU walks to spot -1.181 586 892 in 4 AND YOU does it while crowdsurf_excited_loop

…and it ran smoothly :sunglasses::sparkling_heart:

-Much Love JemU776

P.S experimenting with coding rocks!!!


Thanks <3


sure <3


No problem! :sunglasses::facepunch:
Let me know how it goes ; )