I need help with the coding of a scene

I Don’t know what to do about this
I want the character to go behind the couch does anyone know what I should how does this layers thing work I am so confused
plz help me :pleading_face:


(if its not already) you should make the couch ad an overlay then move it to a higher layer than the girl

for example:

&overlay COUCH to layer 5
@CHARACTER moves to layer 0

i’m not rly good at explaining things but i hope i was able to help😅


oh okay I will try that thanks so much for the help

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did it work??

You need to have an overlay of the couch in order to get your character to go behind it! Without the overlay, you will not be able to do it!

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Thank you all so much for the help but could some one tell me how to place the overlay and adjust its place I am so sorry for the trouble I am really new to this

Thank you so much for the help . this is very helpful
thank you so much for everyone who took the time to help me as well :smiley:

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