I need help with the coding

or you can just do it idk im trying to find a way to like make a new acount but its not working and im not sure i just want to give you my real frist and last name

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@Kande10 you there

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Hey im confused. You are trying to find a coding partner right?


Chapter 1 - The staring

@slow pan to zoom 2
People say fairy tales never come true but you have to heard my story, i bet i can make you change your mind.

@transition fade in black 5

CATHRYNN (talk_ sad )
Mom are you going?

CARTHRYNN (react_shocked_awe)
(I have school to go before i late or do you want to go to court again because i missed to much school?)

“Yes , Go to school.” {
@CATHRYNN is react_claphands_happy

"No , I don’t wanna go . " {

CARTHRYNN (talk_exhausted)


i will do the choice separate because it long

SARA (talk_apathetic)
Do you even own a dress or anything better then a boys shirt .

SARA (talk_gossip)
oh wait I forgot you don’t even have money to afford to get anything else for yourself?

CATHRYNN (talk_airquotes)
Nice to see you and wait are you here for some drama.

SARA (talk_armscrossed_condescending_loop)
As for a fact i not your cousin, your father was my dads brother and I don’t even know you as for my father and daddy doesn’t even think about your his family.

CATHRYNN (talk_agrument_angry)
I never ask you in my life for anything and trust me i don’t even want to seen with you in public.

SARA (talk_accuse_angry)
What kept being a poor man girl that don’t know how to dress inappropriate or don’t talk to others please. you would be a daddy’s girl!

CATHRYNN (talk_agrue_defensive)
The only little thing I get from you is a bunch of pride and greed and over confidents and as a score
jealous father girl.


Cathrynn turns around and shuts her locker

SARA (talk_armscrossed_angry_loop)
Well at least i have a dad and your own bad hate you so much that he is died up to today.

i will send the choice for two of them to you since they long

To be continued …

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found it thankk youuu

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you’re welcome and if need any more code i will help with some like if need more to see if it work i can send more add to make it look bit more and do need background

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and i about send the two long choice

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yes @jennamaeclines trying find a code partner

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@iloveepisodegames can help @jennamaeclines with code

Hey i’m not looking to be a coding partner I just was wondering if thats what she meant so we could better rephrase her title.

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Hi like her tittle

?? I mean the need help coding.

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yes she do

Like I initially thought she needed help with a part or like a scene or something but when people are looking for a writing partner there is a category they can post those to and people usually respond fast.

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@iloveepisodegames she do need help with scene because she writing a story about a girl who was abuse since the girl father die and there more but she need coding partner and were to find one and i only can help her bit but not much because i still new to it

Hey me and @jennamaeclines had a private chat and I sent her some people who are writing partners.


@iloveepisodegames Thanks you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: to find her a partner and i soon send choice to her and that all i send

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hi im so sorry what all doing

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hi i just woke up and i confused