I need help with the contest entry

I started working on my reveal contest entry, but I don’t have a laptop at the moment :cry: , I would love to find Somebody who could do all the artwork- covers, splaches, overlays, text overlays, some edits if possible. I would give you a credit, mention you like a co-creator, tag you on the instagram… Also I’m not a native speaker So if you could also check my grammar it would help me a lot, thank you!


About how many text overlays ?
Will you also need like chapter numbers ?

Be more specific with what you need hon. :face_with_monocle:

Chapter numbers aren’t necessary but I change point of view, So I need some overlays telling that it’s Somebody elses’s POV. I would like to have an animated intro with some text overlays too.

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Well, at least, all of the art work, creating overlays, but depends on how much would that person want to be involved. I have a storyline but I’m lacking outfits, backgrounds, I need to work on some choices… :llama:

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Like what would u want the text overlays to say & what color?