I need help with the guidelines

Can someone explain a little further about the guidelines concerning the suicide/drinking
. Is it not allowed to exist at all in the story or can it be included but with no props and no details ?

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I believe it can be in the story with props. As long as it doesn’t “promote suicide, self-harm, abuse, or bullying, excessive alcohol, tobacco or drug use”.

a. There can’t be detailed or clear descriptions of suicide/self harm (I guess it has to be vague and ambiguous)
b. You can’t show suicide/self harm as “feeling good, being a relief, or a means of escape”
c. Can’t show blood, wounds, gore or bodies resulting from suicide

a. You can’t describe or show active, ongoing drug, alcohol or tobacco use by characters who are under the age of 16
b. No graphic/explicit/detailed descriptions or glorification of the use or effects of drugs, alcohol or tobacco
c. No glorification of an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco


Thank you very much for clarifying this :blob_hearts:


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