I need help with the male customization ! The label is not working!

So i am at episode two of my story and everything was going well. I decided to put the male customization templates fr the love interest.
I followed Dara amarie on the template code but the thing is after writing everything on my episode story it keep saying that my label “boy_end_1” is never used and i dont understand since Dara put it on the template code.
For example:
Here is the script
Screenshot 2024-06-13 00.29.49

Screenshot 2024-06-13 00.30.26
I dont know if you can see it but it says «The label boy_end_1 is never used»

The thing that confused me is the fact that it’s on Dara amarie’s template code
Screenshot 2024-06-13 00.33.46
So if someone could help me it would be amazing cause this is really confusing. The fact that for episode one of my story i did the same template but for females and it worked is really weird cause nothing really changed at the end of the template.

Please help me tell me how it worked on your story and why it’s not working on mine :sob: :pray: :pray:

can I see the begining of your code? The one of your story

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Screenshot 2024-06-13 04.29.51
Okay so this is like the begining of the code.

can I see from face shape to done

Screenshot 2024-06-13 05.04.14

Screenshot 2024-06-13 05.05.15

i don’t know if I got your request right but the first screen shot is *face shape and the last screen shot is when you’re done choosing the face shape.

no, sorry I wasn’t specific

I want to see this part of your script, I think it might be where the error is

Actually do Ctrl+F on your script then in the little search box write, goto boy_end_1 if the result comes as 0, go to the line < PREMIUM > “This is perfect!” and write goto boy_end_1 inside the brackets

Hum the code that you have here i can’t seem to find it in my story. I don’t know maybe it depends on which script template you’re using ?

Hum you were the result is 0 but i don’t understand where I need to write it ?
Could you give me an example?

go to the very beginning of the customisation code, right before the

########## face shape ###########
there should be a line that says: Done or perfect or finished, something along these lines.

add a line between the { } that says goto boy_end_1

it should look like that;

}“Done (or something else)”{
goto boy_end_1
########## face shape ###########

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Omg girl thank you so much i finally did understand what was wrong and what i needed to do, with your advice it really helped me now i can finally end the customization when the character is done choosing his look!
Tk so much :sob: :mending_heart: @Sol-i

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no problem

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