I Need Help with the night version of this background!

Hey, I using a Background by miya.episode and I was wondering if someone could help me cause I need the night version of the background.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me!


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If you can wait for it I would change the bg into a night version. At the moment I’m pretty busy, but I can do it, as soon as I have enough time for it.

That would be amazing! Thank you so much :purple_heart: I don’t mind waiting just take all the time you need :purple_heart:

What do you think of this?

Its good for sleeping scenes, but is there anyway to make it a little brighter, as if a light was shining from the ceiling ? :thinking:

ill try

Also, would you like credit if I use it?

No, its fine.

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Thank you so much for helping💜

My pleasure

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Is this better?

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Its half way there, could you make it so the light is covering most of the room?

Actually never mind

This works perfectly thank you so much :purple_heart:


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