I need help with the overlay

I need help with my overlay
this is my coding so far but when I press preview nothing comes up.

music off


@overlay MY_TITLEOVERLAY create
@overlay MY_TITLEOVERLAY opacity 1


To be continued...

the background doesn’t even appear and not does the overlay
I have clearly done something wrong but don’t know what
Also I want the overlay to drop into the screen from the top so does anyone know how to do that?
plz can someone help me

Have you resetted the zoom?

What do you mean? I haven’t zoomed I on anything. but when I press preview it loads a blank screen (the int.black night background)
(sorry I am a new writer)

Not even in the scene/episode before this one?

You need to add more to this scene. There aren’t any beats or pauses so it skips this scene.

Or just delete this whole part from your script.

there is no scene before this one! this my intro ad it’s my first time coding something like this so that’s why i’m finding it hard

@Dara.Amarie found your problem hun :heartbeat:

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